I Miss Summer...

Morning sketch...where has Summer been hiding???

Angry Beaver

Inspired by a friend's monthly visitor...

Urban Bird


Because Artichoke's have hearts too...


Lunchtime Sketches


My Co-Workers...

I did these caricatures of my team that I work with at IBM. They are a good bunch of guys, but most interestingly, they are all so different and made drawing them so much fun! Enjoy!


My Website!

So I have been working hard to teach myself the process of designing a webpage, and it has been going quite well. I had my domain registered for a whole year before I actually put anything up though! But if you trek on over to randysuarez.com, you will see that there is now some hope! I have a basic header and some contact info, until I can finish up designing the thing! Stay Tuned!



My blog has been lacking updates recently, but to see my most current work, check out my portfolio at:


Any questions feel free to email me as always, rsuarez_02@yahoo.com.


Where Marshmallows' Happiness Ends...

This was inspired by a a friend of mine who reminded me how much I love toasted Marshmallows! Enjoy!


Bella's Birthday!

A Birthday Card for my God Daughter's 5th Birthday...with and without text!


Updated Portfolio

Its been a wild semester, so there hasn't been much posting going on...However the end is here, and an updated copy of my portfolio has been posted online at my Blog Portfolio. You can see the latest here:


Happy V-Day!


Lower Case G!

Some old school holiday art from the 3rd grade... -RS

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Phone Sketch

A very quick doodle done while on the phone a few days ago.

So a group of friends and myself went out this weekend to go on a sketching trip just north of San Francisco. It was meant to be a productive day of drawing and painting, but ended up being a day of getting lost and figuring out directions, with a bit of drawing and painting...a fun day nonetheless. We initially drove to Sausalito, then left to head over to the John Muir Woods National Park, which ended up just being a fun ride in the WRX, because when we got there, it was too cold and dark to even draw anything! We then headed back across the Golden Gate to have some pizza in SF. The night was capped with watching You Tube videos on an iPhone on the way home while driving on 101...real safe!

We all agreed that we will make an attempt to make a day like this regularly, and possibly create a blog for us participating. I will post a link to the blog or any other sketch day work if it becomes a reality. Until then, be sure to check out my Gooood Links to the right, and stop by at Enrique Jacobo and Chris Jacobs art blogs.

Lucy's first ride across the Golden Gate!

Quick sketch off of a pier in Sausalito.

Quick sketch of house across the street from the cafe where we had some brunch. Apparently they dont serve Chai tea there...

A caricature of Mike as a demo for Enrique.

A cool Seagull who was a great model and held this pose for about 30 min. while I drew him!