Jack Johnson Mash up

Here is some easy listening of a JJ mash up I heard today...

The Ordinary Kitchen

This was the first piece I did for my Visual Development class this semester. Given the opportunity to revisit the piece for the end of the semester, I applied all that I have learned this semester and finished with something that I am actually happy with. I am still getting the hang of painting in Photoshop, so I know there are some painting issues going on. The story for this piece is that of a family of geniuses. The father works for NASA, and is really into his work. The mother is a sort of rebelious woman traveling the country and speaking and organizing rallies, etc...the main character's siblings are also geniuses, but the genius gene somehow skipped the main character, who is just a normal boy. He accepts the cards he is dealt and finds his own niche in the world, and finds ways to satisfy himself and make himself happy, without having to rely on a genius gene, or having a super brain like the rest of his family. Our assignment was to design the kitchen of this family who live a chaotic and work-heavy lifestyle. No one in the house cooks, cleans, or even buys groceries. Anyways, I hope this all comes across in this piece!

Bear Drawings

Animal drawings have been an ongoing assignment every week in my intermediate animation class. This semester I chose to draw Grizzly Bears and Polar Bears, because their shape is slightly more complex than that of an Elephant, in terms of visible anatomy and gestures (besides, I drew Elephants all last semester!) Feel free to drop a comment and let me know what you think.

Some old figure drawings...

These are some of my favorite drawings of naked people from last semester. Enjoy!

Welcome All!

Hello, and welcome to the grand opening of my sketch blog! I hope you all enjoy your stay. Please feel free to leave me any comments on my work, or just just to say HI! I will try my best to keep current on posts, but we all get a little busy sometimes! Anyways, stay a while and have a poke around. Thanks for stopping by!