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Some old school holiday art from the 3rd grade... -RS

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Phone Sketch

A very quick doodle done while on the phone a few days ago.

So a group of friends and myself went out this weekend to go on a sketching trip just north of San Francisco. It was meant to be a productive day of drawing and painting, but ended up being a day of getting lost and figuring out directions, with a bit of drawing and painting...a fun day nonetheless. We initially drove to Sausalito, then left to head over to the John Muir Woods National Park, which ended up just being a fun ride in the WRX, because when we got there, it was too cold and dark to even draw anything! We then headed back across the Golden Gate to have some pizza in SF. The night was capped with watching You Tube videos on an iPhone on the way home while driving on 101...real safe!

We all agreed that we will make an attempt to make a day like this regularly, and possibly create a blog for us participating. I will post a link to the blog or any other sketch day work if it becomes a reality. Until then, be sure to check out my Gooood Links to the right, and stop by at Enrique Jacobo and Chris Jacobs art blogs.

Lucy's first ride across the Golden Gate!

Quick sketch off of a pier in Sausalito.

Quick sketch of house across the street from the cafe where we had some brunch. Apparently they dont serve Chai tea there...

A caricature of Mike as a demo for Enrique.

A cool Seagull who was a great model and held this pose for about 30 min. while I drew him!


X-Mas Card without Text

A copy of my x-mas card without the cheesy text:)


Merry Ex-Mas!


Storyboarding Assignment #2

Once again, another late post from earlier this semester. This time we were given character designs, and a background on the story, but were free to edit the dialog any way we liked. I had fun with this one, and got to watch some really cool western movies for reference...

Here are the character designs by Jeff...


Storyboarding Assignment #1

This was my first assignment for my storyboarding class this semester, my teacher, Jeff Biancalana provided the character designs for the assignment, which I posted a while back. We were to stick to a short script written by Jeff and use the character designs to board a 40 panel scene. I barely figured out how to get all these panels onto a few sheets, but it's up nonetheless!


BFA Final Work

So this is the final for my senior seminar class, you can read the story below. Basically, this story is about a starrving artist, living in a post WWII time period, who finds a piece of chalk, and whenever he draws something on the wall, it comes to life. His name is Argon and he lives in San Francisco's Chinatown. The artist's style is John Nevarez, let me know what you think...


Storyboarding Final

These 43 panels are my final for my storyboarding class. The final was to create a group of characters and storyboard a 40 panel scene. Let me know what you think.


BFA Final

Finals are here, so this is the home stretch! My final for my BFA Senior Seminar class is a short story written by a Japanese Author. The story is about a young man who is poor, and starving. He has sold everything in is apartment except for a chair, just to make some money. One day, on the brink of starvation, he finds a piece of chalk in his pocket. Since the boy is also an artist, he begins to draw food on the walls of his apartment, in an attempt to mentally satisfy his hunger. To his surprise, the items he draws on the walls become real. The items disappear however, when light is let into the room. He begins to create all the things he can use, even some money. He goes through a phase of creating his own world in his apartment, and as long as he keeps light out of the room, it all becomes real. Eventually, the chalk leads him to his demise, and he becomes part of the wall himself.

The story seems a bit hard to fathom to me, so I added a bit of a twist to it. Aside from setting it in San Francisco's Chinatown post WWII, Argon becomes so hungry and desperate, that he becomes psychotic, and the whole chalk thing is just a figment of his imagination, a la Fight Club.

The final concept work is due on Tuesday, but here is a sketch I did of Argon that I really liked, so I thought I'd post for a quick preview, just in case some followers or regular visitors of my blog actually exist! Enjoy!

PS- The work is going to be done in the style of John Nevarez, yet another great artist's style that I will be mimicking this semester.


Happy Thanksgiving!