Storyboarding Weekly #7

The digital paint is still wet on this one!

Water for Elephants - Character Designs

I am very happy with the overall outcome of these designs, and I had a blast doing them! They still need some work, and then they will have a nice spot waiting for them in my portfolio!

Jacob, the main character.

Marlena, love interest.

Rosie, another main character of the book.

Uncle Al, the ringmaster of the Benzini Brothers Most Spectacular Show on Earth!

Storyboarding Weekly #6

Storyboarding Weekly#5

Hot off the presses!

Water For Elephants Designs - 1st Pass

This is Rosie, the Elephant. She becomes the Benzini Brothers' biggest attraction, and also a main character of the story, she was one of my favorite!

Uncle Al is the ringmaster and the person responsible for running the Benzini Brothers Most Spectacular Show on Earth
. He immediately got my imagination running with a physical description, so a design of him was a must.

BFA Assignment #1

Since I have been neglecting this blog, I will get you up to speed on my progress of my BFA senior seminar class. We were given the book, Water For Elephants, to read. Our goal was to use this book as a visual companion to our first project. The story in a nutshell revolves around the Benzini Brother Most Spectacular Show on Earth, a traveling circus during the great depression. Behind the wonderful facade of the circus, the story takes you on a journey that involves a love triangle, murder, and deception. A must read!

The class is separated into 4 groups: 3D Modeling, Animation, Story, and Visual Development. Since my focus this semester will be character design, I belong to the Visual Development crowd. Unfortunately, this also means that I am in the group with the biggest workload. My next post will be some first passes of a couple of the character designs. We were given a list of artist's styles to mimic, and I chose the style of Sean Galloway ( A great artist with a nice clean drawing style rich with flowing lines and beautiful shapes. I will try my best to make my character designs even come close to his! I will post more as soon as I have them ready...peace!

Storyboarding Assignment #1

In addition to our weekly assignments, we were given a script, a set of character designs, and a limit of 40 panels. The objective was to storyboard the script with a limit of 40 panels, and sticking as close as possible to the script. Below are the character designs. I will post my finished version as soon as I figure out the best way to post 40 panels on this blog...stay tuned!

Storyboarding Weekly #5


Storyboarding Weekly #3

Storyboarding Weekly #2

Sooooo stupid...I know.

Storyboarding Weekly #1

So its been a while since I've last posted, but I plan to stay up to date this semester. I am taking a class on Storyboarding this semester, and it has been a blast so far. Here is our first weekly assignment. This is an all-goes assignment, meaning there doesnt have to be a solid plot or any plot that makes sense. The purpose is purely to get you thinking and coming up with new ideas, while also learning the process of storyboarding. My instructor will give us the assignment with the first panel drawn out, and it is us to me, the student, to complete the story in 9 panels, no more, no less. He we go...